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  • Why has your partner’s behaviour changed and become different?
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    - What did I do wrong?
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    - Am I not good enough for them?
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Before you do anything though need to ask yourself are you ready for the truth? Can you face finding out that your lover, the person you have devoted yourself to, your soul mate, can you face finding out that they have been cheating on you? The truth hurts, but the restless nights of wondering where they are, the feeling of intruding when you walk in on a phone call or internet chat, the trying not to look at credit card statements in case there is something “unusual” on there and so many other things hurt even more! - - - - - Skype chat - ICQ - MSN Messenger...

Should I SPY? by Dr. Bob Huizenga

You can find out for yourself and settle things, for you, for them, for your family and friends. If you are still asking yourself “Should I spy?”

Dr Bob Huizenga in his ebook “Break Free from the Affair” answers the question. He lists 7 legitimate motives for spying and addresses the issue of privacy. He prepares you for what you may uncover and what to do with the information, if you discover your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend cheating.

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Before you start, get yourself ready, make sure you have some time to yourself, take the phone off the hook and lock the door.

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